c. At Sea Before Dinner catalogue: an exhibition with Kati Rule and texts by Rosemary Forde and Nikos Pantazopoulos.

Dear Masato, all at once catalogue | designed by Narelle Desmond: a project with Blair Trethowan, Geoff Newton, Art Workers’ Coalition, Jon Campbell, Howard Arkley, Amanda Marburg, Linda Marrinon, Ry Haskings, Andree Korpys and Markus Löffler, Sharon Goodwin, Ronnie Van Hout, Sam George, Francis Alÿs, Michelle Ussher, Jenny Watson, Matthew Greaves, Matthias Wermke & Mischa Leinkauf, Colleen Ahern, Tony Garifalakis, Lane Cormick, Guy Benfield, Liang Luscombe, Juan Davila, Nicholas Mangan, Guillermo Faivovich and Nicolás Goldberg, James Lynch, Mathew Jones, Nikos Pantazopoulos, John Meade, DAMP, Ron Robertson-Swann, Matthew Griffin, A Constructed World, Kati Rule. Texts by Kate Daw, Nic Tammens, Jarrod Rawlins and Patrice Sharkey.

or either silver lining TCB artinc. catalogue: an exhibition of video works by Greatest Hits | DAMP | Ronnie van Hout | Andrew Liversidge that use play and performance, boredom and repetition to explore boundaries of control, production, value and activity accompanied by a re-print of Justin Clemens essay On Boredom which was first presented as a lecture which was part of a series of peresentations ‘From Tripping to Transcendence: How do we get our kicks?’ the Melbourne International Festival of the Arts at Storey Hall, RMIT, Melbourne in 2001.

These works in the exhibition were complimented by two screenings of Bruce Nauman’s Bouncing two balls between the floor and ceiling with changing rhythm (1967-68), presented Courtesy Electronic Arts Intermix (EAI), New York.

Kati Rule | Masato Takasaka | DAMP | Greatest Hits | Liang Luscombe | UN Magazine | Michelle Ussher | Kim Munro