Some ongoing writings for The Saturday Paper.

A letter to Kym for A Wharfie’s Story- play, protest, consequence: Kym Maxwell and the Collingwood College Theatre Troupe, published in 2019.

An essay called ‘Everything that will happen will happen today’ for the monograph Angela Brennan: 19 Desires and One Belief, published by 3-ply and launched in March 2019.

An image of a talk in 2016 about writing for the contribution to book called Writing + Concepts: Volume 1 edited by Jan van Schaik and published by Art & Australia in 2018.

Aesthetic nonsense makes commonsense, thanks X is collection of essays co-published by Surpllus and West Space in 2017. It includes contributions from Geoff Lowe & Jacqueline Riva (A Constructed World), Fiona Macdonald and Jarrod Rawlins and was designed and edited by Brad Haylock, Patrice Sharkey and with editorial assistance by Robert Shumoail-Albazi.

Dear Masato, all at once: a public talk written as a letter and then designed as a text by Simon McGlinn Dear Masato, all at once, at the Margaret Lawrence Gallery, Victorian College of the Arts, Melbourne, 7 March to 5 April, 2014.

Geoff Newton: Fan Tribute History Parallel Bootleg Paintings: an essay on Geoff Newton's exhibition Big Time at TCB artinc. in August 2012 discussing the paintings via the site and recent local histories. Published in Discipline No.3 edited by Helen Hughes and Nicholas Croggon

Un Magazine 6.1 : artdesign: an edited issue of UN Magazine with editorial introduction co-authored with designer Brad Haylock titled A letter from the editor, who is an artist, to the designer, who is also an artist' 2012

Un Magazine 6.2 : White Collar, Chip and a Pirates Parrot: the second issue of UN Magazine with an editorial introduction co-authored with the sub-editor Liang Luscombe titled 'Are we in a cone of silence?: A letter between two artists, who are editors (for now)' 2012

Jon Campbell: a monograph on Jon Campbell co-authored with Jarrod Rawlins in 2010

Hi God People: a book of Melbourne music flyers and writings by punters and players. Designed by WHITE STUDIO and published in 2007